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Michigan Citizen Planner Online is designed to equip the state’s volunteer community leaders with the technical knowledge and leadership skills needed to perform their duties more effectively. With more than 40 hours of online training in the “Practice of Planning and Zoning,” participants are able to take advantage of the convenience that these online modules offer while also enjoying:

  • Access to resources not available through the Classroom Program.
  • Access to relevant web resources, expert testimonials, decision-making tools and online exercises.

Participants who complete all seven modules in the “Practice of Planning and Zoning” series will also receive a certificate of completion. They may also choose to go on to earn the Master Citizen Planner credential by successfully completing an exam and capstone project.

Along with the seven-session core series, this Online Program also provides education and training through specialty modules and units, covering a wide range of topics, such as Community Placemaking, First Planning Commission Meeting, Wind Energy Siting Policy Issues, Farmland Protection, etc.

Convenience: The modules are offered entirely on the online. Participants are able to work at their own pace when and where it fits into their busy personal and professional life.

  • On-Demand.
  • Anytime/anywhere.
  • Not dependent on instructors or facilities.

Each module is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience, whether you are a new planning official or an experienced planner looking for a refresher. Modules take about 5-7 hours to complete, depending on the number of units per module. Units take about one hour to complete.

The modules are designed to accommodate all types of learning styles and provide learning opportunities for participants in short time segments. The self-paced learning environment incorporates visual and auditory learning formats, as well as activities and quizzes to reinforce concepts. A Demo is also available on How to Use the Modules

Online Program Pricing Options
Practice of Planning and Zoning
(Seven Core Modules)
Community Placemaking Module Package (Green Development, Adaptive Reuse and Regional Prosperity Specialty Modules) $149.99
Module Separately (each) $69.99
Unit Separately (each) $29.99


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